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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Co-Q10 Supplement for heart health

Nature's Sunshine Products


When it comes to supplements for the heart, the first thing we want to do is reduce inflammation. In addition to general anti-inflammatories like Thai-Go, Co-Q10 is a very specific anti-inflammatory for the heart. Co-Q10 is an enzyme found in all body cells but most commonly in the heart. Scientific studies have shown that people who have suffered a heart attack or who have high blood pressure greatly improve by taking Co-Q10. Large doses have even helped repair heart tissue after a heart attack. Anyone who has problems with bleeding gums is at risk for cardiac inflammation, as there is a strong correlation between the two.
Co-Q10 helps reduce inflammation in both the heart and the gums. Statin drugs deplete Co-Q10 levels, so anyone taking statins should also take Co-Q10. Co-Q10 75 is a good choice for a supplement. This information is for educational purposes only. Please consult a competent health practitioner for all serious health concerns. Additional herbal supplements for the heart are: Hawthorn, Cardio Assurance, Garlic, Super Omega 3 EPA, Magnesium, and Blood Pressurex. Ref: Sunshine Sharing Newsletter Vol. 10 No. 7.

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Angela Palacio


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