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Monday, December 13, 2010

Anti-Mosquitoes (Repellant) Naturally

Besides the sweet scent.!!

Cloves put on a lime like the picture below scare the mosquitoes away. A cheap effective repellent. The lime, very much appreciated by us doesn't have the same appreciation from the mosquitoes. Next the clove helps combat the Aedes Aegypti fly.

Mosquito repellent put on a floor is used for ants.
Its a novelty against mosquitos, do the experiment and see the results for yourself. Do like in the photo above.
Put plates like this throughout the house.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)HIV and Herbs

Today December 1 is World AIDS Day. Education is power. Natural Healing of AIDS using NSP.

Nature's Sunshine Products


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)HIV, is a disease in which the body's immune

system is depressed. There are many drugs tht can also cause the immune system to be depleted. Malnutrition causes

immune deficiency. Late stages of the disease include severe susceptibility to infections of all kind and a general

weakening of the body. Professional assistance and medical supervision should be sought in dealing with this very

serious condition. A Key Program for AIDS: CoEnzyme Q-10 75, Una de Gato (inhibits reproduction of HIV virus(Barney

103), Ultimate Green Zone - start with as little as 1/4 tsp, work up to 3 servings per day. Astragalus an

adaptogen, Food Enzymes or Proactazyme Plus, VS-C or Olive Leaf, Thai-Go.

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EHealth News Ganoderma EBook

Ganoderma (Reishi Mushroom)

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Allergies, Cough and Congestion


This is information about ALJ for allergies. Secondly add Cough Syrup LP [Respiratory] is a natural homeopathic medicine for the relief of congested coughs with loose phlegm and difficult expectoration.Lastly, Allergy [Respiratory] is a natural homeopathic medicine for the relief of common allergy symptoms, including runny nose, watery eyes, cough and itching associated with hay fever, certain foods, poison ivy and insect bites.

ALJ combines powerful herbs that support the respiratory system in a variety of ways. It supports healthy lung function and helps the body during seasonal changes. It also encourages the gentle cleansing of the entire respiratory tract.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Private Business Opportunity Conference 9/29/10 7 PM PST

f you need a little additional income or if you need a business opportunity for self employment kindly join me on this private Business opportunity call on Wednesday September 29 at 7:00 PM PST. Number is 641 715 3200 pin 1749# Winning with coffee

Organo Gold Coffee
Angela Palacio

Did you know coconut health benefits?

 Did You Know...

 . . . that coconuts are one of the wonder foods on earth that amply
provides for all human needs?  They can even save your life!  


      Few people (even fewer doctors) understand
how important the coconut is to stabilizing
blood sugar; lowering cholesterol; healing; hydration; and even replacing blood plasma in an emergency.



coconut.bmp    Referred to as kalpa vriksha
(Sanskrit for "the tree that supplies all that is needed to live") in
ancient India, the coconut palm has been recognized as a top immune booster,
antifungal, antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial

remedy for thousands of years all over the world.  Yet, it has only been
recently that modern researchers have begun to fully discover the massive
health benefits
this amazing fruit seed offers.


      To give just one example of coconuts'
live-saving properties, they were used extensively in the Pacific during World
War II.  Since blood plasma supplies were scarce, it was very common for
medics to siphon pure
from young coconuts to be used as
emergency plasma transfusions for soldiers who were injured.  Since
coconut water is nearly identical to human blood, it was suitable for people of


      Because of its strong antioxidant
properties, the coconut can be used to:

==> Lower cholesterol

 ==> Improve digestion

 ==> Ward off wrinkles

 ==> Stabilize

 ==> Fight off viruses

 ==> Build cells

 ==> Regulate hormones

 ==> Increase thyroid production

 ==> Lose weight

 ==> Increase metabolism

 ==> Fight infections

 ==> Stave off memory loss

 ==> Kill bacteria

==> And



    Considered one of the most treasured
foods of all time, coconut products -- including coconut flesh, coconut water,
coconut oil, and coconut
-- each deliver superb health


      Coconut oil, for instance, is considered
the best and safest oil to use for cooking -- even superior to
extra virgin olive oil when it comes to giving the body what it needs for optimum
health.  Unlike other fats and oils that we  typically use for
cooking and baking, coconut oil does not form polymerized oils or dangerous
trans fatty acids in our bodies, which can raise our cholesterol levels; clog our arteries and even make our skin sag and wrinkle.

 Plus, this ultra-safe oil can give your body important antioxidants that
can help build stronger cells and improve your overall health and well being.


      Here are a few ways that you can use
coconut products to stave off disease and to recapture the look and feeling of


 Coconut Water - The coconut is a
natural water filter.  It takes almost 9 months for a coconut to filter
every quart of water stored within its shell.  This makes the resulting
coconut water completely pure and sterile, which is one reason why it can be
used for


      Another benefit of coconut water is the
fact that it has the highest concentration of electrolytes than anything else
found in nature. This makes it an excellent source of hydration.


 coconut oil.bmpCoconut Oil - In addition to being superior for cooking
and baking, coconut oil also makes a superb topical oil that can help to
naturally rid the skin of dangerous toxins.  It also gives the skin the
perfect mix of hydration and antioxidants that it needs to stay healthy, smooth
and younger-looking longer.


      Another great benefit of coconut oil is in
protecting your teeth from the bacteria that can cause cavities and disease.
 Simply rubbing a little fresh coconut oil on your gums and teeth can keep
them stronger and healthier than virtually any other dental treatment.


      Most people don't realize that coconut
oil can actually help you lose weight
!  Yes, simply changing your
cooking oil from the unsaturated fat variety to coconut oil can help
you lose those extra pounds.  Here's why:  
Unsaturated fats found in canola, corn and other vegetables oils, as well as
margarine  suppress the metabolism, which makes it harder to lose
weight -- and easier to gain it.  Over time, this metabolism suppression
may result in 20-30 pounds of excess weight that your body cannot get rid of.

 Coconut oil, on the other hand, helps to increase thyroid function and boost
your metabolism
-- 2 important components to shedding unwanted pounds.


 Coconut Cream - The best skin treatment product one can use
to achieve
may quite possibly be coconut
cream.  Unlike traditional skin creams which can actually introduce fats
and oils to the skin that will break it down over time, making it look older, creams
derived from the coconut can actually replenish the skin, giving it a more
youthful and healthy glow than most other
skin care products
on the market.


      When it comes to buying coconut products,
coconuts are not all created equal.  Wild coconuts are always best,
but can be hard to obtain if you don't live in a tropical country.
 Whether you are using this wonder food to boost your immune system;
increase your metabolism or fight wrinkles, using products from young
will help you reap the most benefit.


 coconut young.bmp    Young
coconuts contain the purest unsaturated fat, compared to the fat found in the
more mature varieties.  This is why they offer the most rejuvenation
for the body's tissues.  But how can you tell how old a
coconut is?  Young coconuts are usually green in color and oddly shaped.

 The brown hairy ones are mature coconuts, and while they offer a lot of
healthy benefits, they aren't nearly as good for you as younger varieties.




Monday, September 27, 2010

Food as Medicine


   Food  as Medicine  


Eat  plenty of fish -- fish oil helps prevent headaches.

So  does ginger, which reduces inflammation and


Eat  lots of yogurt before pollen season.

Also-eat honey from  your area (local region)


Prevent  build-up of fatty deposits on artery walls with regular  doses of
(actually,  tea suppresses
appetite and keeps the pounds from  invading....Green tea is great for our
immune  system)!


Use honey as a tranquilizer and sedative.  


Eating  onions helps ease constriction of bronchial tubes.
(onion  packs place  on chest  helped  the respiratory ailments
and actually made  breath
ing  better).

, TOO!!  

Salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines actually  prevent
(fish  has omega oils, good
for our immune  system)


Bananas  will settle an upset stomach.

Ginger will cure morning  sickness and nausea.


High-acid  cranberry juice
controls harmful bacteria.  


Bone fractures and osteoporosis
can be prevented by the  manganese in pineapple.


Oysters  help improve your mental functioning by supplying  much-needed


Clear  up that stuffy head with garlic. (remember,  garlic lowers
cholesterol, too.)


A substance similar to that found in the cough syrups is
in hot red pepper. Use red (cayenne) pepper
caution-it can irritate your tummy.  

BREAST  CANCER?   EAT  Wheat, bran and

Helps to maintain estrogen at healthy levels.  


A  good antidote is beta carotene, a form
of Vitamin A found in  dark green and orange vegetables.  


Cabbage contains chemicals that help heal both gastric
duodenal ulcers.


Grate  an apple with its skin, let it turn brown and eat it to cure
 this condition.
(Bananas  are
good for this ailment)


Mono  unsaturated fat in avocados lowers cholesterol.  


Olive oil has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Celery contains a chemical that lowers pressure too.  


The  chromium in broccoli and peanuts helps regulate insulin and  blood sugar.

Kiwi:  Tiny but mighty. This is
a good source of potassium,  magnesium, Vitamin E
& fibre. It's Vitamin C content is  twice that of an orange.

Apple:  An apple a day keeps the doctor
away? Although an apple has  a low Vitamin C content, it has antioxidants
&  flavonoids which enhances the activity of
Vitamin C thereby  helping to lower the risks of colon
, heart  attack & stroke.

Strawberry:  Protective
fruit. Strawberries have the highest total  antioxidant
power among major fruits & protects the body  from cancer causing, blood vessels clogging  free radicals.
(Actually,  any berry is good for you..they're high in anti-oxidants and  they actually
keep us young.........blueberries are the best  and very versatile in the
health field........they get rid  of all the free-radicals that invade our

Orange:  Sweetest medicine.
Taking 2 - 4 oranges a day may help  keep colds
away, lower cholesterol, prevent  &
dissolve kidney stones as well as lessen the risk
 of colon cancer.

Watermelon:  Coolest Thirst Quencher.
Composed of 92% water, it is also  packed with a
giant dose of glutathione which helps boost  our immune system.  They
are also a key source of  lycopene
- the cancer fighting oxidant.  Other  nutrients

Found in watermelon are Vitamin C  & Potassium.
(watermelon  also has natural
substances [natural SPF sources] that keep  our skin healthy, protecting
our skin from those darn UV  rays)

Guava  & Papaya:  Top awards for Vitamin C. They
are the clear winners for  their high Vitamin C
content. Guava is also rich in fibre  which helps prevent constipation.  

Papaya  is rich in carotene, this is good for your eyes.  (also  good for gas and

Tomatoes  are  very good as a preventative measure for men, keeps those
 prostrate problems from invading their  bodies
......GOOD  AS







Very  informative - spread  the information      



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals for the Flu Season


Nature's Sunshine Products


There are lots of herbs and simple natural remedies which can help your body “work through” the various symptoms of a cold, flu, allergies, bronchitis and sinus. -Golden Seal/Echinacea (Pathenium) Extract is a powerful antibiotic team for fighting infection and boosting the immune system. Since it is in liquid form it is especially useful for children. -Silver Shield is an effective immune system booster. Fights against over 650 disease causing organisms: bacteria, thrush, AIDS, malaria, ringworm, athlete’s foot.-Al-J is a popular expectorant combination (expectorants help to thin mucus and break-up respiratory congestion). It is used for all types of respiratory congestion, coughs, allergies and digestive problems.-Fenugreek & Thyme is an expectorant used for sinus congestion, sinus headaches, coughs, inflammation of the lining of the bronchials, nasal cavity and throat, Thyme also helps build immunity.-Elderberry Plus is an adaptogen, great for bronchitis , cold, stomach flu.

A weak unresponsive Immune System can contribute to sinus and ear infections, lymph congestion, kidney and bladder infection, colds, viral infections, cancer, flu, cysts, general inflammation, candida, leukemia, tumors.

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Angela Palacio


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