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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals for the Flu Season


Nature's Sunshine Products


There are lots of herbs and simple natural remedies which can help your body “work through” the various symptoms of a cold, flu, allergies, bronchitis and sinus. -Golden Seal/Echinacea (Pathenium) Extract is a powerful antibiotic team for fighting infection and boosting the immune system. Since it is in liquid form it is especially useful for children. -Silver Shield is an effective immune system booster. Fights against over 650 disease causing organisms: bacteria, thrush, AIDS, malaria, ringworm, athlete’s foot.-Al-J is a popular expectorant combination (expectorants help to thin mucus and break-up respiratory congestion). It is used for all types of respiratory congestion, coughs, allergies and digestive problems.-Fenugreek & Thyme is an expectorant used for sinus congestion, sinus headaches, coughs, inflammation of the lining of the bronchials, nasal cavity and throat, Thyme also helps build immunity.-Elderberry Plus is an adaptogen, great for bronchitis , cold, stomach flu.

A weak unresponsive Immune System can contribute to sinus and ear infections, lymph congestion, kidney and bladder infection, colds, viral infections, cancer, flu, cysts, general inflammation, candida, leukemia, tumors.

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Angela Palacio

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