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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is an old, very old, medicinal botanical. It has been traced back to ancient Greece and has been used in many cultures throughout history to alleviate a myriad of afflictions. The extract derived from the leaves of the olive tree treat infections, fevers, coughs, and skin conditions. Olive leaf extract is rich with antioxidant properties as well as successfully being antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungus and anti-parasitic.

A primary ingredient in the olive leaf is Oleuropein. It was found to be an ingredient in a compound produced by the olive tree that makes it particularly robust and resistant against insect and bacterial damage. Olive leaf and olive leaf extract are being marketed as anti-aging, immunostimulators and antibiotics. In 1962 research showed that Oleuropein has the ability to lower blood pressure in animals. Later research demonstrated that it increased blood flow in coronary arteries, relieved arrhythmia and prevented intestinal muscle spasms. Oleuropein inhibits the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

A liquid extract made from the leaves was shown to have an antioxidant effect almost double to green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C. The leaves of the olive tree are one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man, many times more potent than green tea, goji, grape seed or vitamin C.

May help with:

Fights colds and flu

Kills fungal and yeast infections

Aids in countering viral infections even hard to treat infections (i.e. Epstein-Barr disease)

Reduces LDL cholesterol (the bad one)

Lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow by relaxing the arteries

Effective treatment for some cancers (liver, prostate, breast) in preliminary research

Can help lower blood glucose promoting normal blood sugar levels

Supports the immune, circulatory, urinary and digestive systems

Prevents bacteria from becoming established and/or spreading and reproducing

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome

Sinus and bladder infections

Oral infections associated with tooth or gum disease


Rheumatoid arthritis


Skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, etc.)

Tropical diseases (i.e. malaria)

Parasites (roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, and flatworm)


Chronically aching joints


From research and clinical experience to date, it can be said that supplemental olive leaf extract may be beneficial in the treatment for conditions caused by, or associated with, a virus, retrovirus, bacterium, or protozoan. Among such conditions are influenza, the common cold, meningitis, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), encephalitis, herpes I and II, human herpes virus 6 and 7, shingles, HIV/ARC/AIDS, chronic fatigue, hepatitis B, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, malaria, dengue, bacteremia, severe diarrhea, blood poisoning, and dental, ear, urinary tract and surgical infections.

Biochemist Arnold Takemoto puts it this way: "Olive leaf extract is not a single magic-bullet. There are very few such things, especially in non-pharmaceutical medicine. In many cases it takes a whole lot more than just one ingredient to get over a particular condition. Yet I find it a very valuable addition against chronic fatigue syndrome and many other viral conditions, especially those that are more tenacious. It fills a hole that we haven't been able to fill before."

In the Townsend Letter article, Takemoto told Morton Walker that he has "yet to discover another herbal substance that accomplishes antimicrobially what this substance achieves."

Takemoto went on to say that Lisa Weinrib, M.D., one of the physicians he works with, treats many cases of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She has noticed that patients with these problems exhibit much improvement from use of the extract, according to Takemoto. "It's the missing link that functions as an antiviral and antiretroviral agent by slowing down the organism's reproductive cycle. A slowdown...allows the patient's immune system to go on the attack."

Takemoto says olive leaf extract has helped patients eliminate stubborn viral infections they have had for years. One patient, who had suffered from shingles (herpes zoster) for nine years, experienced complete relief within two days of starting olive leaf extract and other supplements.

"In my approach," Takemoto says, "I target key antibody responses for specific viruses, stimulate the immune system, and with olive leaf extract attempt to inhibit the reproduction of the virus. It takes everything to get over some of these real chronic conditions."

The "Die-off" effect is a term associated with the healing response in the body. "Die-off" symptoms can begin almost immediately after starting the supplement. It can hit different people in different ways. Reactions include extreme fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, muscle/joint achiness or flu-like symptoms. Severity differs also from person to person, depending on the extent of infection.

Keep in mind that such symptoms are positive signs. Nevertheless, they can be unpleasant. Some people may not want to continue because of the discomfort. Others handle it better. Others experience no such effect.

Here's what you may want to do in case of substantial detoxification symptoms:

Reduce the number of tablets, or even stop them altogether for a while.
You may need a day or two, or even a week, to allow your body to process the "die-off."
When you feel better, you can resume the supplement at a low dose and increase slowly.
Holistic practitioners can usually provide a supportive detoxification program for individuals who experience a strong "die-off" response.

Other than the "die-off" detoxification effect among some individuals, olive leaf extract appears to create no side effects.

Deaths from infectious diseases, formerly on the decline, have recently taken an alarming upward turn in this country. According to federal researchers, such deaths rose by 58% from 1980 to 1992, pushing this category of illness up behind heart disease and cancer in the No. 3 spot of killer diseases. With the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains, natural products such as olive leaf extract take on greater importance. It may be that the staph infections that are antibiotic resistant which are contracted in hospitals and the recent swine flu and flu strains that are mutating could be assuaged with olive leaf extract. It is an all around good thing to have on hand and administer at the first sigh of any illness.

Yours in Good Health!


Dr. Jack and Chris Ritchason
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Disclaimer: We do not directly dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of herbs or supplements as a form of treatment for illness. The information found on this Web Site is for educational purposes only to empower people with knowledge to take care of their own health. We disclaim any liability if the reader uses or prescribes any remedies, natural or otherwise, for him/herself or another. Historically all of these herbs & vitamin supplements may nutritionally support the bodies biological systems. Please consult a licensed health professional should a need be indicated.

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