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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Silver Shield Effective Against over 650 Disease Causing Organisms

Silver Shield.....effective against over 650 disease-causing organisms

Research indicates that Silver Shield is an effective immune system booster, deactivating the enzymes responsible for the metabolism and multiplication of unwanted invaders.  Silver Shield has become a popular alternative to other products on the market. Silver Shield is an effective ally in the fight against over 650 disease-causing organisms.  These include:  bacteria (typhoid, dyphteria, certain types of food poisoning, and pneumonia); viruses (the common cold, influenza, measles, and AIDS); protozoa (malaria, giardiasis, amebic dysentery); fungi (ringworm, thrush, candida albicans, and athlete’s foot); rickettsiae (rocky mountain spotted fever and Q fever); and chlamydiae (infections of the eye, the genitals, and the respiratory system).  There is no known microbe that Silver Shield does not destroy.
New Silver Shield now boasts 18 ppm potency!  That’s 28% more powerful than our previous formula to support your immune system even better. Available for the first time in a new topical gel.  Gel provides Silver with AquaSol Technology at 24 ppm for maximum strength.  NSP’s unique silver products are guaranteed safe! Scientifically develop-ed and tested, our silver products can be taken with complete confidence.  They are  non-toxic, and there’s no risk of heavy metal contamination.

This is a fantastic product, if you require additional information, please email your name,address, city and state to and enter Silver Shield in the Subject box.

You may order this product at  For call in orders reference the following membership number 2185806-1.  The NSP order sales telephone number is
English  1-800-453-1422    or   Espanol   1-800-321-0214.

Please share Nature's Sunshine Products with Family and Friends.  Let them know that you Care about their Health and Well-Being by Giving a Healthy Gift that Reinforces Good Health Habits.

Take Care and have a Blessed Day!!!

Angela Palacio

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