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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lower Cholesterol using NSP


Nature's Sunshine Products


Cholesterol-Reduce your numbers by 15% in 10 weeks. Mini program Red Yeast Rice (supports the production of HDL), Mega-Chel Oral Chelation (for the circulatory system), LOCLO-LOw ChoLesterOl High fiber (Helps carry excess dietary fat out of body)and Lecithin (fat emulsifier). Also, include CoQ10 along with Red Yeast Rice. As a side note CoQ10 is also depleted when taking Statin drugs, cholesterol drugs and some diabetes and high blood pressure medication. Diet: 1 tbsp. raw beet in salad daily for liver. Water soluble dietary fiber is most important. Avoid red meat, dairy, coffee, salt, fried foods. Please consult a health practitioner for all serious illness. Ref: Nature's Tresure Chest and NSP Comprehensive Guide by Tree of Light.

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Angela Palacio

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