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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 Foods for Better Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a scourge in our community. Share this so we could start to help ourselves!

5 Foods for Better Blood Sugar

Insulin resistance is reversible -- if eating the wrong foods can cause it, eating the right ones can cure it. Add just one of these to your plate to begin feeling better and staving off killer diseases right away.
From Magic Foods
Here are profiles of 25 blood sugar-friendly foods. Each profile tells you how the GL (glycemic load) of the food stacks up (either very low, low, or medium; you won't find Magic foods with a high or very high GL) plus other important health benefits it offers. You'll also learn proper portion size -- because remember, portions count.
• Avocado
• Barley
• Berries
• Brown Rice
• Carrots
• Cabbage
• Cheese
• Cherries
• Chicken and Turkey
• Cinnamon
• Coffee
• Eggs
• Fish
• Flaxseed
• Garlic
• Lemons
• Lentils
• Milk
• Nuts
• Onions
• Pasta
• Peanut Butter
• Shellfish
• Sourdough Bread
• Sweet Potatoes
* For a complete list of blood sugar-friendly foods, check out our new book Magic Foods.
Comments :
By sharenewat, 03/04/2009, 7:08 AM EST
Chicken, turkey, cheese? Do they have carbs?
By xocolate, 11/03/2008, 6:22 PM EST
What about raw cocoa. It is also known to reduce blood sugar and improve insulin resistance. MyFitChocolate
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