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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nature's Sunshine Products for Colds and Flu

There are many, but here are a few. If you have a reference, you could check them out.

Seasonal Defense, HCP-X, Immune Stimulator, Ultimate Echinacea (I like it)to build immune system

Garlic, rose hips, Vit. C, Ginger or Yarrow for perspiration
IF-C for colds w/fever
Lymph drainage products
Decongestants- ALJ, Bronchial Formula, Fenugreek/thyume, Four
aches- Triple Relief or APS II, TEI FU under nostrils or rub on chest (my favorite), Valerian, Chamomile
oils- Breathe Free,
blend: Tea Tree + Eucalyptus, Rosemary or Myrrh or frankincense+ lemon, thyme linolol or myrrh
also Guardian, sandalwood (expectorant)

Then there are homeopathic Cold, Viral and Cough Syrups.
Licorice Root extract or Zinc lozenges for sore throat.
Dont forget Silver Shield- we always use it to prevent the nasty respiratory infection which so often tries to set in.

And then there's the great standby- gargling with salt water for sore throat, Ginger tea, hot bath with 1/4 c. Ginger.

or call 916 538-1863

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