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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NSP Tei-Fu Massage Lotion Testimonials

Tei-Fu Massage Lotion is a unique blend of anciently-known essential oils and skin emollients. It applies smoothly to the skin and penetrates deeply into stiff muscles and joints. Its emollient, grease less properties leave the skin soft and smooth. This massage lotion is used for structural system support.

Testimonial #1

My mom has had pain arthritis pain in her knee off and on. Sometimes she also has pain in her lower back. So she complained about pain and I gave her my Tei-Fu massage lotion. I knew that it would help her. One night she had pain in her back and she tried the massage lotion. She said that she rubbed her back and went to sleep. When she awoke there was no pain in her back.

Testimonial #2

Mom decides that she will get her good friend Ms G a Tei-Fu Massage Lotion. She gave Ms G a Tei-Fu. Within a week Ms G calls me and said I need to purchase Tei-Fu Massage Lotion. She said my husband is using mine more than me. So she placed an order for two Tei-Fu Massage Lotions and a Everflex. Everflex is a NSP product that has Glucosomine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Devil's Claw. Everflex promotes Joint Integrity, maximizes flexibility & mobility and helps lubricate joints. Everflex and Tei-Fu are excellent for arthritis. On following up with Ms G she says she is doing well taking Everflex and using the Tei-Fu Massage Lotion.

Testimonial #3

I have a cousin, Ms Flora, who I saw in August. She had pain in one leg. She showed me all the products that she has purchased and used for pain. So she purchased an Everflex. She took and I kept following up with her. So in October I called her and she said girl I still have pain. Now I have pain in both legs. So I told her okay I will send you a product that you can try. I mailed her a Tei-Fu massage lotion. So she called me and said I got the lotion but you did not include a bill. So I told her it is a gift. So she said I will try it tomorrow. I told her don't wait for tomorrow use it tonight. A week later Ms Flora called me. She said I have an order for you. Does Tei-Fu lotion come larger than 4 oz. I said no only 4 oz. So she said order two Tei-Fu for me. She said it gives me relief. Yeah for Tei-Fu.

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