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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brilliant Body Health Assessment

Dear Health Enthusiast,
Enjoy this Free Brilliant Body Assessment to see which of the 10 body systems you should focus on at this time to help bring your body into balance.
The New Brilliant Body Assessment compares your health concerns with each of your 10 body systems. You will be shown which of your body systems need the most strengthening, based on your responses, and which Nature's Sunshine products can be used to strengthen these systems.
Please email or call me if I can help you in anyway.

Natural Health and Wellness

Angela Palacio

Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist

Natural Health Educator

Email me
C: 916 538-1863

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Complete Your Brilliant Body Health Assessment Today!

HINT TO ALL NSP MEMBERS You can share the Brilliant Body Assessment with others by personalizing the link with your account number. This way your friends and family can join NSP via your link, so you can receive rebates and commissions and free product when they order products. For example, here is the link My acct. number is 2185806-1, so as you can see only the beginning of the acct.# (less the -1) is used in the link above. So remove my #983219 and add your acct. number and pass this link on to those you care about to help them find better health. Add the link to your signature so you can help bring better health to all who you email with. This is a great way to share with others!

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