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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tools for a Successful NSP Business

Tools for a Successful NSP Business in priority order

These are the ones I believe are a must have:

  1. I like this from the book ‘The System’. You have not truly started in your new business until you sponsor your first person.

  1. Herbal Solutions- 100 for 36.95 from

  1. Business Cards, labels and stamp you can order specialized/customized cards from Catherine Watkins.  You may also order stock business cards and stamp from Vista Print for cheap.

  1. Nature’s Sunshine website at  It is 16.95 monthly and the first month is free.

  1. ‘NSP from A to Z Plus Body Systems and Sales Aids’ purchased at stock no. 2720-7

  1. You may download for free issues of a magazine Nature Field that features various health concerns at

  1. Compass-Bio Survey tool from Zyto.  The cost is $399 and a $39.95/mo service fee.  You may use my affiliate link to order  Please note that if your sponsor has a Compass you should use her affiliate link.  Also, when you own a Compass you get $100 referral fee for anyone that you refer to get the Compass.

These are good to have tools:

  1. ‘Comprehensive Guide to NSP’ by Tree of Light Publishing. May be purchased at for $39.98

  1. ‘Footprints on a Path’ This is a binder with numerous ailments and illnesses with recommendations of herbal program.  May be purchased at for $46.95

  1. Hart on CD may be purchased- This database on CD gives herbal recommendations and more complete description of every NSP product. This may be purchased at for $249

  1. Sunshine Sharing issues CD.  Sunshine Sharing is a monthly publication by Steven Horne and Kim Balas. Archive 7.0 is available at for $99.98

  1.  You may also purchase herbal hours DVD from

  1.  Business in a Box.  This is a system of cards with three herbs/ailment.  The thought is to share NSP business opportunity with Medical/dental, beauty shop owner, fitness personnel and other business storefront owners to become distributors and sell products. This may be purchased from

  1.  Sunclick. SunClick™ is the latest technology in personalized
      health assessment and education. This may be seen at

Websites with Nature’s Sunshine Sales Aids, brochures and resources

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