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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bug Bites, Bug Repellants

Nature's Sunshine Products

Hello Friends,

Please share this Key NSP Program for natural Bug Bites and Bug Repellants: Lavender-apply undiluted to stop itching and pull venom. Distress Remedy-as needed to calm. Grapine, high potency for adults or chewable antioxidants for kids, reduces allergic reaction to bite. Silver Shield or Black Ointment applied externally. Activated Charcoal-if taken immediately. Pantothenic Acid-if allergy affects nervous system. Apply essential oils undiluted directly on the bite. Be careful, especially with children, not to get the essential oils in the eyes. DO NOT use Cinnamon Leaf on young children. This information is for educational purposes only. Contact a health practitioner for serious health concerns. Ref: 2004 Evergreen Aromatherapy

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Angela Palacio

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