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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lupus and some NSP Supplements

Nature's Sunshine Products


Lupus is a chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease that attacks multiple organs. It affects the skin in many people creating a butterfly rash over the face. Immune stimulates should be avoided. This is a serious illness and professional assistance should be sought. The following herbal program may be helpful: Omega 3 EPA or Flax Seed Oil - 1T minimum, DHEA for adrenal support, Food Enzymes or Proactazyme Plus with meals, Pau d'Arco or E-Tea, Astragalus or Suma, Bifidophilus, Everflex (deterioration) or MSM or Joint Support (inflammation) or Yucca. Clean the intestine, check for food allergies, rule out candida involvement, and support adrenal glands. This information is for educational purposes

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Angela Palacio

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